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Make My Lake 18.5 oz Stemmed Wine Glass

Make My Lake 18.5 oz Stemmed Wine Glass

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  • Any lake or pond in the lower 48 states can be permanently etched into our quality 18.5 oz stemmed wine glass.
  • The design will never wear off and is 100% dishwasher safe.
  • This item comes with your lake outline and the lake name in the font shown.

About these glasses:

  • 18.5 oz volume. A perfect size for less trips on wine refills!
  • 9 1/4 inches tall.
  • Elegant but sturdy stem
  • Thin bead around the rim


-We do everything we can to ensure they arrive safely and in one piece. Each glass is securely wrapped in bubble wrapped. If you do have a problem with the condition when they arrive, please let us know right away and we'll take care of it!

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We take pride in filling your custom lake order quickly. See below on how to order.

How to order and timelines:

1. Help me find the lake you're looking for:

★ The name of your lake or pond and the state it's located in is required. Preferable what it would be called on any internet map search.

★ Further information like the county or a nearby town would be very helpful to help me find it quickly, especially if there's more than one with the same name in your state.

☀ below for our FAQ about your personalization options.

2 Design and layout information:

★ Every lake is different in width, height and overall coverage on the glass. I do my best to make the lake and words look balanced.

★ Your design will centered on the flat part of the stemless glass. That is approximately the top 2/3 of the glass

★ Maximum etching size for these is approx. 2 high x 2.5 inches wide.

★ Size of the font will range from 16 to 20 points. Font size will depend on the total coverage of the lake. Longer names may require a smaller font.

3. Mockup approval email:

★ In a day or two, I will send you a mockup of what your item will look like to the email address provided in the order. It will be coming through email. Sometimes, these may end up in your spam folder.

★ If I don't hear a response within a few days, I'll reach out again to you to see if you've had a change to review the mockup.

4. After Mock up Approval:

★ Your order will be added to production when I get your approval. I will let you know that I received your approval and it's heading into production.

★ Once in production, you can expect about 2 or 3 days for it to be ready to ship.

5. Shipping address and carrier information:

★ All shipping quotes are through the Post Office system. We do add a small fee to each item to cover packing material to ensure safe delivery.

☆☆ Your order is guaranteed to arrive safely. Sometimes things happen in transit out of our control. If you do encounter any breakage, I'm more than happy to replace it. Your invoice will contain instructions on what to do to get a replacement.

☀☀ Personalization FAQs.

☀ Q: What if the locals call my lake something different than what's on the map. Can you name it what the locals call it?

☆ A: I am happy to do that. This happens a lot.

☀ Q: Do you etch the opposite side?

☆ A: We do not offer to etch the second side of glassware.

☀ Q: Do you offer other font choices?

☆ A: I do not offer alternative fonts on these.


Larry & Debbie

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