Our Decorating Processes

Like many small businesses, this adventure all started in a garage back in 2016. Growth happened quicker than expected. 11 months later I left my corporate job to pursue my dream of making things for people full time.

I now have a studio in my hometown of Glens Falls. It's in an old Shirt Factory renovated into a collective of various artists with the same passion for making things as me. Here, I have a small storefront and a lot of space to be creative and come up with new designs and ideas. 

Our Processes:

Laser Etching is the process of taking a concentrated beam of light to permanently mark the glass with the given design. This computer driven process allows very fine details in glass, powder coated tumblers, wood, leather and more. 

Sublimation is a process we started in 2021. This allows us to create designs that have color. Something a laser beam just can't do. The specialized sublimation equipment lets us print out a design and apply it to specially coated objects with heat and pressure. The heat and pressure transfers the ink to the item. There is a large variety of items that can be sublimated.

Color Filled is a new process we've been testing for a while. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked about color on the glass. Now I think we have the solution!

Each glass is first laser etched with a special mask. I then paint the etching in your choice of color with a specially blended non-toxic acrylic paint.  Each glass it then baked in the oven to make the glass top rack dishwasher safe. The laser etching allows for superior paint adhesion to the glass versus just painting the glass surface.

More to come on this in early 2023! 

Sand Carving is the plans to offer by 2024! This is actually how I started with making glassware gifts for people until it wasn't enough to keep up with demand.

This is a process where we would mark the design on an item using a high pressure stream of sand. Sand Carving allows for a deeper engraving compared to laser etching and opens up more possibilities that a laser machine isn't able to do. Keep an eye out for this! 

If you have any questions about us or our process, please feel free to reach out. 

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