Wholesale Ordering

We try to provide the best experience for you when placing wholesale orders with us. This is still a bit of a work in progress for us. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Contact Me Here


Each item is sold in increments of 6 of the same design on the same product type. Please be sure to add increments of 6 to your cart when ordering online. When ordering products that come in multiple colors, you can mix and match colors as much as you like to make the increment of 6.


Things to keep in mind for shipping.

Generally, the most cost effective way to order is increments of about 48 pieces. When ordering lots of smaller items, you can get more in a box. This seems to provide the best price with UPS ground at around .75 per item. 

Getting a shipping quote at checkout.


1. Check Out - This option requires payment upfront and shows your calculated shipping total. If you are a new customer, this will be your only available option. If you would like to pick up this order, leave a special instructions note and we can arrange a refund.

2. Check out with Net30 - Choosing this method of checkout (if available to you) Shipping is not included in the Net30 Checkout option. If needed, it will be calculated after submitting the order. If you'd like to know how much your shipping will be, you can use the number 1 option to see what it would be, then return for option 2.


After you submit your order with Net30 terms, I will review it, add shipping cost if needed, then send your invoice with the proper due date.

Again, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Thank you!


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