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Saratoga Springs New York prints for home decoration

Saratoga Springs New York prints for home decoration

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Our new wall art will be a great gift for any Saratoga Springs homeowner. Comes with your lake outline, the lake name and the lake state as shown in the photos. Frame is NOT included. I highly recommend purchasing a frame of your choice and keep this print behind glass for longevity.

This picture is meant for indoor use only.

The 8 x 10 and 11x14 prints come with a removable sticker icon pack to mark your favorite place on the lake. The stickers are 1/3 tall in matte red and include a heart. map pin, star and home. You get to pick just one or multiple spots! Make sure to use the stickers on the frames glass, not the paper.

8 x 10


Each print is made inhouse to order on quality cotton art paper.

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