Lake George - Painted Single Color Pint glass

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This durable pint glass features Lake George etched and painted into the glass in your choice of color.

Painting the etched surface provides a superior bond for the paint to adhere to the glass. Each glass is top rack dishwasher safe!

About the process:

Each pint glass is first laser etched into the glass.

After applying a mask, I paint each glass with a high quality paint. This process is done with an airbrush and special paint blend.

After allowing to dry for 24 hours, each glass is cleaned and baked to fuse the bond to the glass stronger than before. This last step makes the glass top rack dishwasher safe!

About these glasses

  • Heat tempered for added strength
  • Heavy duty mixing glass.
  • Stackable
  • Dishwasher Safe


We do everything we can to ensure they arrive safely and in one piece. Each glass is securely wrapped in bubble wrapped. If you do have a problem with the condition when they arrive, please let us know right away and we'll take care of it!

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Cobalt Blue $14.99
Indigo Night $14.99
Ink Spot $14.99
Cayman Blue $14.99
Look At Me Blue $14.99
Patina $14.99
Teal $14.99
Aqua $14.99
Titanium White $14.99
Wicker White $14.99
Black $14.99
Thicket $14.99
Classic Green $14.99
Daffodil Yellow $14.99
Orange $14.99
Baby Pink $14.99
Violet $14.99
Lavender $14.99
Engine Red $14.99
Apple Red $14.99
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